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imagine bucky and natasha whispering behind steve’s back in russian, just little harmless things like “he’s cute when he’s angry” and “if you tell him he’s got a nice ass he’ll turn the color of your hair” so steve decides he’s gonna learn some…

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thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

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#regina is me and emma is the show…

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4.02 The Lion & the Rose

↳ the only scene that matters

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Tywin rushing to his grandson to cover him when Joffrey dies (◡‿◡✿) 

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#OHHHH MY GODDDD #YESSSS #THANK YOU SHOW #WOW #WOOOOW #no but really tywin is thinking 'gotta protect my future king now lol' but whatever #yes #i didnt even notice that 


When Joffrey is dying tywin immediately goes to cover tommen. Come on if that’s not proof he cares about his family idk what is!

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The northern girl had a wild beauty, as he recalled, though however bright a torch might burn it could never match the rising sun.

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Nothing makes me happier than the fact that the Icelandic government will neither confirm nor deny the existence of elves.

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i wanna be a reverse tooth fairy where i rob people and then scatter human teeth on their bed

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