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I’ve been spending my whole day watching Ron Swanson videos and imagining Lin as him. Im crying I’m laughing so hard right now 

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If you can’t recite every word of this commercial by heart you probably weren’t born in the 90’s

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So I went to the Met today because I had to do an art critique for my art history class.

And the Met admissions prices are recommended, of course. I was in a hurry with the parking meter and only had ~20 minutes to get in, see one piece of art, and get out. So I said that I would only pay 5 dollars and handed the guy the money. 

And he said, condescendingly, “would you like change back?”

I should have asked for my whole 5 dollars back. Or asked for a dollar back in quarters to fling it at his face. Bitch, you have no idea how much money I just spent getting into the city. Its not like Im having a leisurely day at the museum, I have to get in and get out. Of course if I was taking the full tour Id pay full price. If I was rich, you’d get a thousand dollar donation from me. But I’m not, Im a poor student, and I need to see one fucking piece of art. WHICH HE KNEW from the brief conversation before paying.

Take your pretentious ponytailed ass and crash into some of that display glass for the good of humanity. You are no better than anyone else because you think you’re some kind of art scholar working the ADMISSIONS DESK.

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Lee Pace as Thranduil on The Battle Of The Five Armies set. (x)
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Stay Pony Golden Boy

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“One of the sixth-year wits at St. Bartleby’s School, the heir to a hotel fortune, had nicknamed Artemis Left Foot Fowl, as in he had two left feet and couldn’t kick a football with either of them. Artemis had tolerated this ribbing for about a week and then bought out the young heir’s hotel chain. This choked the teasing off abruptly.” 
Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex (How to deal with bullying by Artemis Fowl)
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Today I was seconds away from ordering an iphone, which would be my first smartphone.

Then I got hit with a 30 dollar activation fee and realized I needed gas instead.

A moment of silence for my dead heart.

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The Doctor & Clara ~ Time Heist x

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